This version (2007c) of the rules is correct as of July 2007. [Errata]

The Heroquest Larp/Lrp Rules


Since Heroquest began its larping events back in 1986 our live role playing rules have been regularly updated and improved. With the wonderous addition of the internet and this amazing website we can now update our larp rules very easily and allow everyone access to these rules immediately.

Players who come to an event the first time or who are reading this for the first time do not need to worry about the majority of the rules as you initially begin the game with a preset range of larping skills as described in the basic rules section below.

There are many links throughout the rules pages that will take you to more detailed information on the term or subject at hand. Where you see Cause Mortal for example clicking on the name of the invocation will take you to a description of that invocation. Clicking on Strength will link to a description of that skill in the larping skills index.

Larp Characters and Rank

As characters earn experience through their live action role playing adventures they become more powerful. Heroquest larp runs events aimed at all ranks of characters throughout the year. The Larping Events Page explains which dungeons would be appropriate for characters of various ranks.

Basic Rules
If you have never played before, or are starting a new character then the basic rules can be found below.
bullet Basic Rules
bullet Basic Character Skills
bullet Combat and Fighting - Some important notes about fighting.

Low Level Larp Rules - For Characters of 10 - 199 Points
Upon completion of a characters first event the character become "low level" and begins to accrue skill points which can be expended on new skills.
bullet Picking a character Class and Race - Who are you and what do you do?
bullet Low Level Character Skill Tables - Common skills available to all characters.
bullet Magic and Casting Spells - The Basic rules for casting magic spells.
bullet Power and Casting Invocations - The Basic rules for casting invocations

Mid Level Larp Rules - For Characters with 200 - 639 Points
Once a character reaches 200 points he is said to have status and must swear his allegience to a Guild.
bullet Mid Level Characters- Joining a Guild and spending your status.
bullet Guild Index - A list of all of the Guilds that Players can join.
bullet Casting High Magic
bullet Casting Ritual Power

High Level Larp Rules - For Characters with 640+ Points
High Level Characters - On your way to becoming a Hero?
bullet Casting Arcane Magic - Sorcerers wield magics even mightier than a Wizard.
bullet Casting Cosmic Power - High Priests perform miracles in the name of their Spheres.

Character Resources
bullet The Marketplace - What to spend your hard earned cash on?
bullet Scroll Rules - Have a handy spell or invocation up your sleeve?
bullet Potion Rules - A sip of something useful to make life a little easier?
bullet Battleboard Spreadsheet - New version 2.13 with working perm life features & skill overrides. DOES NOT WORK IN EXCEL 2007 OR OPENOFFICE.! If you are using Excel 2007 please download version 2.12 below. Neither version works in openoffice calc unfortunately.
bullet Battleboard Spreadsheet Version 2.12

bullet The Heroquest Magic Map

bullet The Heroquest Power Map

Reference Information
bullet Skills Index - a list of all skills available to live action role playing characters.
bullet Glossary - of Heroquest Terms.
bullet Effects List - A list of all of the larp effects, damaging things and weird stuff that might be shouted at you.