Heroquest Larp/lrp

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The Heroquest live action roleplaying campaign world is rich and original. It has developed since the very first larp adventure, being shaped by character interaction as well as plot. All information relating to the Heroquest larping campaign can be found from this place...

bullet The Valley News- In-character larp news from the Towers can be found here.  NEW!

About Orin Rakatha
bullet Orin Rakatha - Background to the Heroquest larping campaign world.
bullet Life in the Kern Valley - information on what life is like on an adventurers days off and more.
bullet Towers - Information on the known Towers of Orin Rakatha.
bullet Tower Leaders - The Leaders of the Kern Valley.
bullet Colours & Symbols - Some of the tower/guild/sect or other colours and/or symbols.
bullet Character Titles - am I a mage, wizard or sorceror?

Maps of Orin Rakatha
bullet Large in character colour map for printing and bringing to larp events with you.
bullet Orin Rakatha Map - A larp map of Orin Rakatha (Small Map).
bullet Orin Rakatha Calendar - The official calendar used by the Kern Valley people on Orin Rakatha.

From Valley Members
bullet Write Up - Write ups of larp/lrp missions by player characters.
bullet Obituaries - A list of all those who have died permanently in the defense of the Valley, along with comments from their fellow adventurers.
bullet Biographies - Biographies of some of the players and non-player larping characters in the system.
bullet Kern Archives - Information gathered by Valley Members (previously the Library of Spirior).
bullet The History of King Michel and His People- A treatise obtained by Sir Zilvan Taranthson.
bullet A Treatise Against the Amarinthine arts - A lengthy piece by High Priest Cirith of Humact.

Additional Larp/Lrp Information
bullet Quad - Heroquest's larp/lrp magazine and the notorious Mouthpiece.
bullet Runes - Common larping runes within the Valley.
bullet Akari Island - A brief for those characters with an Oriental larping background.
bullet The Hospitaller - On the Vocation of Healing: The larping Hospitaller.