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LARP is an acronym for Live Action Role Playing. Also referred to as larping live role playing or lrp. It refers to a type of interactive gaming in which the players assume game identities and act as a specific character for the duration of the game. The game conforms to a scenario written by the Heroquest referees. Many larping scenarios scenarios are written to allow for individual decisions made by the characters to alter the events or outcomes.

While activities that fall under the broad definition of LARP have existed for at least a century, LARP gained in popularity during the seventies due to the popularity of table-top role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons.

As a LARP system, Heroquest includes aspects of both combat and theatre.

Heroquest larp has a long-running plot arc, in which each game is yet another episode in the story. Each live action role playing event is designed to take place over a weekend (or longer), during which the players convene for that one game and then disperse.

Heroquest larp is enjoyed by players of all ages, genders and backgrounds. Many players grew up Larping with their parents or friends and some even met their spouses at an event or convention.

LARP can be considered an interactive form of literature, an audience participation type of theatre, or just an engrossing game. To many players, the games are both a social activity and a way of life.

Most importantly of all, Heroquest larp is FUN! At times it can be light-hearted; at other times deadly serious but the aim of any event is for people to enjoy themselves. Why not come to a forthcoming lrp event and find out? We look forward to seeing you soon.