Welcome to Heroquest LARP/LRP

Live Action Role Playing (LARP) is probably the most fun and exciting hobby you could ever have the good fortune to call your own.

Heroquest LARP has always put our customers enjoyment as the highest priority on all of our events.

The club was originally created in 1986 by Mark Roberts and is now owned by Otherways. Heroquest is one of the most experienced Live Action Role Playing companies in the UK and the world.

Our standard Live Role Playing events start at 36 hours ranging up to eleven days. Since our beginning we have accumulated thousands of high quality costumes, masks, props, weapons etc.

Heroquest LARP/LRP is set in the campaign world of Orin Rakatha which is both rich in background and original in content. It has developed since the very first adventure, being shaped by character interaction as well as referee plot. Characters are points based, starting from basics to become folk of heroic stature. The pinnacle of a character's LARP career is a Heroquest; this is the ultimate challenge in your character's career, and will last a minimum of 5 days. Will your character have the courage to face the mightiest enemies of the people of the Kern Valley?

New players are always welcome and even low level characters can quickly make their mark on the campaign world.

The Heroquest larp/lrp Web Site contains rules about character development, campaign infomation, forthcoming larp events and lots lots more. Please use the links above to explore the site and learn more about the club and about larping in general..

If you would like any more information on Heroquest or any LARP related matters please go to our contacts page and ring or email either Mark Roberts or Bruce Duncan. We look forward to hearing from you.