The photos on these pages show some of the Heroquest larping events over the years. The size of the image files varies from 12k to 100k with most being about 40k. Select from the index and click on a thumbnail to see the larger image.

Larp/Lrp Photos

Heroquest Larp 2008
Corsairs 36 Hour - May
Cthulhu 66 Hour - September
Humacti 5 Day - April  New!
Heroquest Larp 2007
Laire Tinwe 36 - February
YMCA PreHQ - March
OOL Pre-Heroquest - July
OOL Heroquest - August
Corsairs 66 hour - October
Celebration Theme - February
White Lotus - May
Laire Tinwe - July
Descent into Madness - September
Christmas Theme 2007 - December
YMCA Heroquest 17 - April
Mission to Murandir - May
Buried Beneath - Low 36 - August
Halloween Theme - October
Heroquest larp 2006
13th Warrior - January
The Prisoner - April
Eostarre Theme - February
Humacti 66 Hour - May
The Vault - October
The Hidden Valley - February
Hospitaller's Mission - April
Earh Node Pilgrimage - June
Celtic 72 Hour - July
Tin Inn - November
Druids, Groves & Goblins - March
Training with the Son De Ville - May
Further Adventures with the SDV - July
Halloween Theme - October
YMCA Training - November
Heroquest Larp 2005
Iron Star 66 [more] - January
The Genie, the Lovers and the Waystations - March
Fools Moon 66 - April
Heroquest 16 [more] - August
Trading Post 36 - October
Traitor Trap - January
Celtic 66 - April
Dai Fai Dyne Caravan 36 - June
YMCA Kalid Job 36 - August
Halloween Theme [more] - October
Humact 66 Hour- November
Celebration Theme [more] - February
Lupacora and the Feast [more] - May
Arithis' Mind Trap - July
Axos 5 Day - July
Crusade II - October
YMCA and the Hanged Man - November
Heroquest larp 2004
Celebration [more] [more]
KFW visit the Garden of Elements
A KFW Selection
Mists in the Meadows
HQ 15 - More
The 3 Jewel Pagoda
Open Gauntlet 36hr
Mission to the Summer Meadows
From the Desert
SFB's 40th - The Xmas Party [more]
The first Desert trip
Heroes visit the Elves of Laire Tinwe
Wolfhold mission in Fool's Moon
All Hallows Eve
Gypsies on a Mission
Into the Abyss
Brown Boyz Special Ops
Heroquest Larp 2003
Nation Spirior [more]
Dean & Kevin on the Plane of Ice
Ikarus' shadow passes over Pendaron Wood
The Guild Fayre
The Final Forest of Unshed Tears? [more]
Forest of Unshed Tears
Marriage of Melieth and Phoenix
Children of the Brood
Kalid Tests - Sponsored by Sir Arren Hardwicke
Against the Steelwind
Children of the Brood 66hr
Celebration [more] [more]
The Death of Ezekiel
Helping Gelithinal Nomass
Xenos Diplomatic Mission
Heroquest 14
The Children of Fire and Stone
Heroquest Larp 2002
Nation Spirior 66hr January
Shaun's Stag Do
Death of Valmir Sesudra and [more]
Azad An Low Level April
Children of the Brood Low Level June
Humactis Dismantle the Coven
Humacti 66hr [more]
Azad-An Mission (Quantocks)
Sethenia Heroquest (aka 12a) [more] [more]
Sarn Starstealer 5 Day
Silvani/Seekers Low Level August
Children of Fire and Stone II September
Kalid Low Level November
Xmas Theme [more]

Valley Life

Click here to see the much-celebrated Valley Life series of larping comic strips created by our very own Russ Charles.