Heroquest Related
bullet Library of Spirior Dave Gullen's Spirior site for Heroquest larp.
bullet Bob's Site General Heroquest larping stuff.
Suppliers of all things Larp related
bullet Monster Boutique Larp/Lrp mask and Costume outfitting
bullet Eldritch Simon's fine larping weapons and armour
bullet Traveller in Black Dave Gullen's Costumes & larp Accessories
bullet Ronnie Kerswell

Live role playing costumes

bullet Hightower Crafts Costumes, armour and larping accessories.
bullet Velvet Glove Costumes Online larp/lrp costume shop.
bullet The LRP Store

Online costumes, weapons

and larping accessories.

bullet Chow's Emporium NEW! Costumes, Trinkets and items for LARP/LRP
Other LARP/LRP Clubs
bullet Heroes and Heroines Staffordshire based live action role playing club.
bullet Legion of Dreams Fantasy, horror and sci-fi larp weekends.
bullet The Hairy Bear A great pub in Somerset, situated ten minutes out of
Bridgwater towards Minehead.
bullet Scoutbase UK Information and directions to Scout camps.
bullet Rule7 Live roleplaying related miscellany
bullet Youth Hostel Association Information and directions to UK hostels.